Pancake Breakfasts  
A Gig Harbor Kiwanis project to support activities in the community.  


Maritime Gig & 
Blessing of the Fleet 

(first Saturday and Sunday, respectively, in June)       

Gig Harbor Kiwanis volunteers offer sausage and pancakes, feeding from 400 to 600 people.

 Relay For Life  

     The Relay For Life, sponsored  by the American Cancer Society,  takes place one to two weeks after the Maritime Gig.  The event celebrates cancer survivors, helps participants better understand this terrible disease, and remembers those who have passed from cancer.   

Participating corporate and non-profit sponsors set up tents and booths starting Thursday, with an overnight sleepover Friday night.  

Walkers secure pledges from donors, and Gig Harbor Kiwanians cook pancakes at dawn to warm those who have spent a night in sleeping bags and damp tents.