Camp Beausite Northwest 
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Gig Harbor Kiwanis sponsors Camp Beausite Northwest (firmly called Northwest Kiwanis Camp) on Beausite Lake, near Chimacum.

The camp provides a unique summer camp experience for those with special needs.

Campers,  ranging in age from 6-60, have Development Disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, and other physical and/or mental handicaps.

At NW Kiwanis Camp, campers are treated with dignity, love, and respect. Participation is voluntary and at the camper's individual pace and ability.

For more information, please visit the Camp Beausite Website

Donating Businesses
We are grateful to the following businesses who have donated food and services. Should you pass near one of these during your travels, please try to patronize them and let them know that you appreciate their support!

Subway Sandwiches, Port Townsend
Papa Murphy Pizza, Port Townsend
Penny Saver, Port Townsend
Pizza Factory, Port Townsend
Sirens, Port Townsend
"T"s, Port Townsend
Pizza Factory, Port Townsend

Elevated Ice Cream, Port Townsend
Peninsula Bottling, Port Townsend
Hot Spot Randal Catering, Port Townsend
Laura Blake / Bay View, Port Townsend
Chimacum Cafe, Chimacum
Pan D'Amore, Port Townsend
Nash Farms, Port Townsend
Michel Sanchez, Port Townsend
Water Street Brewing, Port Townsend
Farmers Market, Hadlock
QFC, Port Townsend
Safeway, Port Townsend

Sample of one of our "Thank You" letters:

Gig Harbor Kiwanis Club
Thank you so much for providing a scholarship for my daughter, Abbey to go to Camp Beausite this year. For years she has watched her two sisters go to camp and come home with all sorts of great stories. We never really thought it would be a possibility for Abbey to go on her own. She was a little tentative to be going, but so glad we were able to get her to go, because she had an absolute blast.
She tried new things such as horseback riding which she had never done before. They went swimming, did all sorts of arts and crafts and she even taught us a couple new “camp songs” when she got home. At the end of camp they had an award assembly, where the kids were given various awards. Abbey was so proud of herself. I was not able to be there to pick her up, but was told that her counselor cried when it was time for Abbey to leave. That says a lot for the staff at camp. She said she had so much fun and told us that she wants to go back next year.
Again, thank you so much for giving her the ability to be an average kid going to summer camp!!!